10 Problems

How to start your Digital Coaching Journey?

Well, there is nothing you can not do on your own. You can tons of resources online and you can search google and set up an online coaching ecosystem for yourself.

However, this self-learning process is time taking and sometimes frustrating also.


Top 10 PROBLEMS You are going to face during your journey to become a digital coach:

  1. You do not have a proper idea of the systems and the sequences of steps you need to take

  2. You are not tech-savvy

  3. You need to focus on your subject and your niche

  4. Complexities of setting up and integrating systems together

  5. You do not have enough finances to wait for a long time, you need quick results

  6. You are not able to keep pace with technological advancement

  7. Find it hard to target your audience

  8. You do not have proper and cost-effective social media optimization tools

  9. Find it tough to get enough traffic to your website

  10. You really have no idea what freelancers can do for your Digital Coaching business