My Story

I am from a small village in the Aligarh district of Uttar Pradesh.

I completed my 12 in Agriculture from a Govt. Inter College and B.A. from another govt college.

I started my career on the very first day after finishing my Graduation Exams.

I went to Faridabad. Got First Job on 4th of August 2006, Second Job on Dec 2006, Third Job in Oct 2007, Fourth Job in Aug 2009, and Fifth job in 2012 in Bangalore.

I have worked with organizations like Spice Group, Aegis An Essar Group, IBM Daksh Now Concentrix, Mercer India, and Fidelity Investments Bangalore.

3 of these organizations are Fortune 500 Companies.

I was well paid and happy in my Job. However, I always wanted to have a life of freedom and also of great contribution to my society.

I left my job in 2014 and Here I am as India's Leading Digital Coach.

I accept I have faced hardships not because I was poor. However, due to my Entrepreneurial Mindset and my efforts to become a successful and free Businessman. FREE Means Freedom of Time.

After leaving my awesome well paying job in 2014, I founded TAMS Studies that is a coaching institute.

In 2016, I founded JustBaazaar, SEO Based a very successful business directory.

Apart from these, I founded a few more entities, however, these two have been satisfactorily successful.

My Mission

I am on a mission to make 1,00,000 People Super Successful and Create a Tribe of Digital Coaches